Booking Policy

Evolution Health Services is committed to providing high quality Remedial Massage and Fitness Services to our clients. We aim to provide convenient booking tools, the ability to reschedule appointments online and offer reminders to ensure you remember your bookings.

We schedule our time to be available at the time of your booking so we appreciate being notified if you are not able to attend. This allows us to reallocate our time or to offer a client on our waiting list the opportunity to have relief from their pain.

We have created these policies to ensure that you understand your responsibilities when booking with us.

We commit to:

  • ​Providing you a reminder email 48 hours before your appointment (if you have supplied your email address)
  • Providing you a reminder SMS 24 hours before your appointment (if correct phone number provided)
  • Providing you the option to cancel or reschedule online – the link is provided in your reminder email.
  • Providing you phone numbers to notify us if you cannot attend.

Cancellation Policy


We kindly request a minimum 24 hours notice to be provided if you cannot attend your scheduled appointment.

If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $55 applies to all bookings.

​If you cancel with less than 2 hours notice, the full fee is payable, equivalent to that of your booked appointment.

No Show Policy


If you fail to attend your appointment by not providing any notification, the full fee is payable, equivalent to that of your missed appointment.

​Forgetting your appointment is not a valid excuse and will not allow the fee to be waived. We put all measures in place to ensure you are reminded so it is your responsibility to create any additional means necessary for you to remember your appointment.

About Our Fees


Our fees are an administrative charge and are not claimable under your private health insurance or Workers Compensation Insurance. Any requests to bill to a third party will be declined.

All disputes or enquiries regarding fees charged as a result of a cancellation or no show, must be directed to:

Melissa Woodward on 0414 990 335 or