Celebrating Your Triumphs

Celebrating Your Triumphs

This week I have seen some amazing changes occur right before my eyes. As a Personal Trainer it’s the best part of my job. My clients are doing things they tell me they couldn’t a few short weeks ago. They are taking on challenges with such motivation and seeing the results of their hard work in so many ways. I think it’s time I start sharing and celebrating your triumphs girls. With just 4 weeks to go on our 12 Week Challenge, let’s see what else we can achieve.

My Mighty Weightlifters On Friday our numbers had dropped down to 2, due to school holidays and the cold weather. I decided to make a last minute change of venue and brought the girls into my garage. We introduced Peita to the barbell. Nic has been having Personal Training sessions for 2 months now so she had been introduced before. We started off with some light deadlifts for technique. I noticed how well they were lifting so I thought I would challenge them by adding 10kgs to the 20kgs bar. They kept smashing it out so I kept upping the weights. I watched their form to make sure of no injuries and they were great each and every time.  Nic lifted 50kgs. Now for those who haven’t met Nic, she is only around 5ft1 and doesn’t weigh much more than she was lifting. She was strong. Such an amazing effort. Peita then took the challenge to lift 60kgs. Now this girl had never lifted a barbell in her life and here she was with 60kgs. She did an awesome job. Peita has only ever done our outdoor training and proved to me that good technique with light weights provides a good foundation for good technique in heavy lifting.

My Saturday Morning Joggers Earlier in the week I set the challenge as I completed the 1km loop without stopping (one of my own personal goals). I was motivating the girls for the Saturday Session. After posting in the Facebook Group I found out Amy had been down there that morning making up for missed sessions and challenging herself. This was so exciting for me as Amy is in the middle of Tax Time so appointments were taking up her training times. And Amy told me when we were goal setting at the beginning of the 12 Week Challenge that asking her to jog 1km was a bit ambitious. In our Saturday Outdoor Training Session she knocked almost a minute from her Tuesday time.   Kristen was another who was not a runner when we first started the 12 Week Challenge, but guess who charged off first up the incline and crossed the finish line first? Yep it was the girl who didn’t run. Oh did I mention Kristen has just recovered from Pneumonia. I know she was proud of her effort as I surely was.  Now my mum is one I am always proud of, even when she’s not proud of herself. She has been through so much this year, including knee surgery. Her surgeon told her she would never run again but clearly mum didn’t take no for an answer. She has now been given the all clear to jog occasionally. She got around the whole 1km loop walking but in a great time. She jogged in parts where she could and listened to her body to know when to stop. Another great moment this week.

Our Burpee Queen When Emma started earlier this year, her first goal was to be able to do a burpee by her birthday. She even booked a Personal Training Session so she was 1 on 1 with me with the sole purpose of perfecting her burpee. It hasn’t taken her long but she is now smashing out the burpees. Still unsure of herself, I assure you Emma, you are doing them properly. 500 Burpee Challenge here you come.

The Fitbit Goal Crusher I’m not sure how many of you have a Fitbit and the awesome app that goes along with it. But did you know that you can challenge your friends? Well we have a group of fitbit wearers, including myself who get roped into challenges each week by the Goal Crusher herself. Yes Kerrianne, I’m talkingabout you. She hits her 10,000 step goal almost every day and leaves us all for dust. We know how often she trains, but I think she mustn’t sit down when at home either. I’m training people or have massage clients all day and still cannot get the steps to beat her. As much as it frustrates me to lose, it also shows me how hard she is working and another tool that is helping her reach her goals.

Hello Skinny Jeans While weight loss was one of the goals set during the 12 Week Challenge, some girls are really noticing the centimetres lost. What better way to notice than finding those old favourite jeans that you can now fit into. I had a few of the group discover old clothes fitting again even if they don’t see the changes in the mirror yet.

There are so many more great stories from my 12 Week Challenge Group so far but I am sure you don’t have all day to hear me gushing over them. If you want to start kicking your own goals, Contact Us today with any questions and see how we can help.