Infant Massage Program

Giving you the confidence to understand your baby through nurturing touch. Join our Online Program where you will learn live with your instructor.

Course Summary

Join our online Infant Massage Program where we will guide you through the infant massage program and techniques in a live online class.

Over 2 x 90 minute classes we will cover the benefits of infant massage, how the massage techniques can help you calm your baby in times of distress and routines for each body part.

Course Outline

Melissa Woodward

When women meet me they often say "I wish I knew you when I was having my kids" and the truth is that I wish I knew me too. I wish I had a person I could connect with, trust and learn about how to care for my body through all stages of motherhood. I have 2 young boys and the more I struggled in my own experience, the more information I have sought to educate myself and pass onto my clients. I'm passionate about sharing the message of what we can do in pregnancy and motherhood to overcome the fears. I aim to be the person you can ask your questions and if I don't know I can point you in the right direction.


Logan (2 months old)

I completed the infant massage program. It was amazing. I learnt how to calm my baby, relieve belly pain and bond with him. Melissa created a warm and friendly environment. My husband and older children were able to learn with me. My older son wanted in on the action and got his own massage while my husband massaged our youngest son. Thank you Melissa. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a baby.

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