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Are you looking for safe exercise in pregnancy and your post natal recovery?

  • Are you unsure what is safe in pregnancy or after having your baby? 
  • Have you never exercised regularly before exercise?  
  • Are you feeling sick and not sure how much to exert yourself?  
  • Are you experiencing pain as your body grows and changes? 
  • Are you living in a body you don't recognise or understand?
  • Are you finally out of the baby-fog and ready to focus on you again?'
  • Do you feel pressure to get back to your pre-baby body and feel 'normal' again?
  • Are you feeling weak or experiencing pain as a Mum? 
  • Are you feeling lost and don't know where to begin?

You are not alone!

Many women experience all of these feelings (and so much more) during and after pregnancy. Our bodies go through immense changes over the months of pregnancy. We experience change in our appearance, mindset and bodily function. Then in an instant, following birth, it all changes. No gradual change, just a major shift in everything and we are left feeling lost, overwhelmed and fearful of what is right.

We want to start feeling normal again, but don't know where to start. We want support from Real Mums who've been there, and who understand this stage in our journey.

Introducing Strong Mums - Online Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Program

Our Strong Mums Program is designed by a Mum for Mums.
It's a simple and flexible holistic health program without all the BS and plenty of real talk.

We encourage a gradual lifestyle change where you can focus on improving your health, one habit at a time.

  • Feel STRONG and full of ENERGY to keep up with your work, life and family. 
  • Be FEARLESS in pregnancy as you trust your amazing body. 
  • Prevent and ease pregnancy and post natal pain 
  • LAUGH, SNEEZE and JUMP for joy without fear of peeing your pants. 
  • Set a REALISTIC plan for your health with our guidance 
  • Feel EMPOWERED and Take CONTROL of your health 
  • Bring back your SEXY and SHINE in your Mum role.
    • Our program is safe for women experiencing pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, abdominal separation and other women’s health issues. 

Why Choose The Strong Mum
Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise Program? 

Program Inclusions:

Bonus Content:

Weekly Strength Training Program

Strength Training Workouts set out in 4 week blocks with modifications for each trimester and early post natal recovery.

Accountability Calendars

Monthly download to help you plan and track your activity. Pre-scheduled with live workouts

considerations for each trimester

Empowering you to see what your body is capable of doing with consideration to pregnancy and the 4th trimester. 


Connect with Strong Mum Members in our private Facebook Group.

Bonus Content

Safe Pregnancy Exercise Guide

Guide to choosing the right intensity for your body  and signs to stop exercise. 

Foundations of Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise Guides

Setting the foundations of pregnancy exercise and post natal recovery with posture, breathing and core connection.

Goal SEtting Workbook

Set realistic goals by working through our Goal Setting for Strong Mums Workbook

Birth Preparation

Pregnancy Exercise Warm Ups that double as daily activities to prepare your body for birth.

What to Expect from the Strong Mums Program

Have you ever started another online program and felt alone?
Has it been hard to get started, find support or keep motivated?
You feel like you have failed, when maybe they have failed you.

The Strong Mums Program is different from other programs as once you are a member, you join a community of Mums to support and motivate. Your Coach is there to get your started, demonstrate simple workouts and provide ongoing coaching in the Facebook community. 

What You Will Experience

  • Your Coach Working Out WITH You!
  • Live Workouts with Technique Correction
  • Realistic Goal Setting for Mums
  • Education and Tips for Healthy Eating
  • Focus on Feeling Confident and Amazing
  • Workouts Modified for Early Post Natal, Beginners, Injuries and Pelvic Health Issues.
  • Support and Guidance to Find Opportunities to Prioritise Your Health in a Busy Mum Life.
  • Consideration for your Awesome Post Natal Body - You Grew A Human!!

What You Won't Experience

  • No Pre-Recorded Stock Standard Workouts
  • No Bikini Body or Pre-Baby Body Goals
  • No Demeaning Before and After Photos
  • No Restrictive Diets or Meal Plans
  • No Weight Loss Challenges
  • No Running, Jumping or Burpees (unless you are ready for that)
  • No Guilt or Shame for Not Exercising
  • No Yelling or Ego. 

How Strong Mums Helps You Improve Your Health


Join your Coach for TWO live workouts each week on Monday & Friday via Zoom.
No worries if you can't make it as we record the workouts for you to complete at a time that suits you. 


We have a monthly program format to follow but is flexible for your busy life. Also access our workout library of past programs.

We focus on strength training, core function and pelvic floor strength


Your Post Natal recovery is more than just workouts.
We provide education and discuss women's health issues relevant to every stage of your post natal recovery and into motherhood.


You will also join our supporting group of mums in our Strong Mum Members Group on Facebook.

Here we connect, share and celebrate our achievements together.

Melissa Woodward

Women's Health Coach
Mum of 2 boys

My mission is to help women live a fun-filled life in a body they know and love.

As a Mum, I know the struggles of trying to find time for ourselves and putting our wellbeing on top of the priority list. It's hard.

I'm not here to load you up with any more guilt about what you should be doing for you health. I'm here to present you with plenty of options and support to add healthy habits into your busy lifestyle. No quick fixes or magic pills, just realistic advice with a heaping of compassion and understanding on the side.

I'm here to workout alongside you, coach you through the challenges and celebrate your achievements.

When you join, I'm active in the Facebook group sharing workout tips, healthy recipes, real life stories of mum life and mindset tips to help you get so much more out of this program.

This isn't a DIY set and forget program. It's a community of women working together to improve our health and feel confident, sexy and strong again.  

Get to know me and our members as we start living and loving life together. 

What Our Mums Say About the Strong Mums Program

 "Her workouts are 30 mins. That’s a pocket of time I can commit. Complete them in the comfort of my own home - no time wasted travelling to and from a venue. Support from a woman who gets mum life and isn't yelling don't stop, instead encouragement to listen to your body and build your fitness over time."

Mum of 4

"I am really happy with my progress so far with the program and your support Melissa. I’m feeling stronger, I’m hating working out a bit less because my body is finding it a bit easier and I’m finding my motivation is growing, I’ve closed my abdominal separation and strengthened my core so much that there’s NO MORE DOMING!! AND two pairs of my pants are too loose to wear! 💪🏼 🏋🏻‍♀️ THANK YOU!"

Mum of 3

I didn't know where to start with my exercise journey post partum. I didn't know what I should be focusing on, what I should be avoiding, and just generally what on earth was going on with my body!!
I was very physically active before and during pregnancy, but after giving birth I was instantly doubtful!
With Mel's support I found all the answers I needed. She guide's you through each exercise and explains how to avoid injury.
I now know what to focus on and the natural limitations of my body.
This group will give you the confidence you need to exercise safely!

8 months post partum

Joined this program when I was 14w pregnant with #2 with a goal to have an active natural labour. Mel made it easy from the start with face to face lessons, then when covid hit and the world changed, she kept pushing through and we started the online classes. My connection to the outside world because of this program I felt strong and empowered and delivered a very healthy 4kg baby and went home 6hrs later! I felt strong and recovered quickly. The postnatal program has been amazing, gentle and achievable. Mel is super supportive but not pushy. This is a team of women reaching achievable goals 🙌 can’t recommend this program enough! Thankyou Mel xxx

Mum of 2

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Erin Bailey

Naturopath & Holistic Nutritionist

As our October Guest Speaker, Erin shared her advice on foods to boost energy and hormone function. Her workshop recording is now available. 

Tristan Woodward

Personal Trainer, Melissa's Husband.

As an upcoming guest, Tristan will be joining me to discuss getting support from your partner when starting a new health program.

Margeret Richard

Director of Design

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Michael More

Senior Developer

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The Strong Mums Exercise Program is flexible to suit your needs.
Upon sign up you will receive logins to our online portal. Once logged in you will have access to our Welcome Lessons which will take you through how to join our Facebook group, complete our pre-exercise screening and waiver agreement.

Each month we release a new Accountability Calendar. It's a tool to help you schedule your commitments and workouts as it suits you. It also works as a tracking tool to see your progress through the month.

This one is completely up to you!
Each month we drop a new package of workouts for you. From there you can decide how much time you have to commit to the program.
We recommend aiming for 2-3 workouts per week for general health benefits. If you only have time for 1 workout, focus on consistently showing up for that. There is no shame, guilt or pressure to do more. However we are here to support you as you strive to commit to more in your own time. 

Our workouts are approximately 30-40 mins. 

We aim to keep equipment to a minimum and choose items that are safe to use with children around. We recommend using a set of dumbbells of 2-5kgs, depending on your fitness level (beginners start at 2-3kgs). We also utilise resistance bands which can be purchased via our order form within the program or found at your local sporting store. We can help you with selecting the right equipment.
We also utilise your lounge, chair or a bench, sometimes even a wall during your workouts to help with modifications for your post natal workout. 

The Strong Mums program and all workouts can be accessed via any mobile device with an internet connection. If you love outdoors, put your headphones in and I will coach you through the program while you listen and watch.
All of the pre-recorded workouts can be completed anywhere so whether you want to follow along at the gym, at home or even at the office, you can access it anywhere that suits your lifestyle. 

You will receive log in details upon registration. Head to and sign in at the top right corner.
You can then select MY COURSES which will take you to your Strong Mums Membership. Here you can access the Live Workout Recordings, Current Month's Program (including accountability calendar) and an archive of past programs.
You will also receive details of how to join our Members Facebook Group for real time connection with other Mums in the Strong Mums Program.

Our memberships are offered on a month to month basis with no minimum contract. Cancel before the end of your month and no further fees will be taken.
If you have paid upfront for a 6 or 12 month program, please contact us to discuss any issues which are preventing you from continuing with the program. 

Depending on the membership level you chose, all payments are processed via our secure payment gateway Stripe. All subscriptions will be debited at the beginning of the nominated period of your membership level (1 month, 6 months, 12 months) and will be recurring payments unless cancelled. 

All subscriptions are managed in your account section of the website. Go to Billing and cancel your membership.
If you have any difficulties contact us at

As our online program is totally portable that you can complete anywhere you have a device and internet connection, we don't offer breaks for short holidays. We would love to help you add fun activity into your holiday without it feeling like hard work.

if you need a break due to a medical condition or other significant event, please contact us to discuss your options.

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Membership Pricing

  • Pregnancy Membership
  • $79 AUD

    per month

    Our Safe Pregnancy Exercise Program for Mums to be

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  • New Workouts Each Month
  • Coaching and Accountability
  • Pregnancy Exercise Guides
  • Support in the Strong Mum Community
  • Post Natal Membership
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    Our Safe Return to Exercise Program for Mums of all stages

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  • New Workouts Each Month
  • Coaching and Accountability
  • Post Natal Exercise Guides
  • Support in the Strong Mum Community