Infant Massage FAQs

Infant Massage FAQs

Infant Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Will Infant Massage help my baby with wind pain?

Abdominal Massage is part of the massage techniques you will learn for your infant. The tummy routine aims to relieve wind and gas, while helping to move it through the intestines. It aims to aid digestion and settle your baby’s tummy. We use a variety of techniques that can be applied when your baby is upset and in pain.

Will Infant Massage help my baby to sleep?

Many Mums report that their baby has a more settled sleep following Infant Massage Classes. When they continue their massage practice at home, they continue to see the benefits. Parents use the techniques to get their babies to go to sleep, as well as ensure they are settled for a longer sleep.

Will Infant Massage help me bond with my baby?

Yes, that is one of the main focuses of the program. We aim to guide you to pay attention to your baby’s own cues and behaviours to ensure that their needs are being met. When you better understand one another, the more opportunity you will have to bond. Much of the massage sequence is performed with baby looking into your eyes or cuddled in your arms, building more secure connection.

Can the techniques be used on my older children?

Yes! We really encourage these skills to be used throughout your baby’s whole life and with older children. We will discuss in the class how the infant massage techniques can be adapted for use with children as they grow. Infant Massage may help ease muscle aches with growing pains in school age kids. As teens, it can become a time of bonding and conversation as you massage your child, they may feel more confident to open up and share with you.

Infant Massage Class Questions

How old does my baby have to be to attend?

We recommend that babies are at least 4-6 weeks old to attend. This allows enough time for you all to settle into your home, family life and for bub to adjust to the outside world. Another consideration is whether you would prefer your child to be immunised before being in a group setting. You can join the classes with your infant up until they are around 12 months old. If you would like to learn with an older child, you can choose the private option. The main concern is around the developmental differences of a baby and a very mobile infant.

Can I bring my partner/friend/relative to Infant Massage Classes?

We welcome you to bring your partner or another primary caregiver to join you in the classes. We understand that every family is unique in make up so we want to support you in sharing the technique with those that will spend the most time with baby. We do limit this to one additional caregiver in the class setting. Also only one carer will be performing massage on the baby at a time. The focus is to form a bond and connection. Infant Massage is not a gimmick or time to play with baby or for everyone to have a turn. They are a little human that deserves respect and we respect their right to refuse to be touched too.

What do I bring to Infant Massage Classes?

You are only required to bring yourself, your baby, their food/milk and any toys or comfort items they need. We will provide massage oil, handouts, pillows, towels and mats for your comfort. Feel free to bring anything else you specifically need to ensure you get the most out of the program. We recommend dressing your child in separate tops and bottoms. They will be required to undress for the massage and separate items will allow you to keep your baby warm in the areas not being massaged on the day.

Where are Infant Massage Classes held?

Infant Massage Classes are held at our Campbelltown Clinic. Our address is Suite 3, 150 Lindesay Street Campbelltown
We have onsite or street parking available. There is also lift access and our space is pram accessible. We have toilets available in the common area of the building. We welcome Breastfeeding and will aim to provide you with a comfortable and private space. Microwave and Fridge available for use.

Should I come to Infant Massage Classes if my baby is sick?

In the interest of health for all participants, we ask that you do not attend the workshop if you or your child are suffering from a contagious illness such as a cold or flu, stomach bug or other condition. If your child has a fever or any other signs of infection, please keep them home to rest. Contact your Instructor as soon as possible if you cannot attend and we can discuss options to catch up the missed class. As we run regular programs, we can organise for you to join the corresponding class in the next program.

How many people are in the Group Infant Massage Classes?

We have a large space available to run our classes, however we prefer to keep it to a small number to ensure everyone receives the attention they deserve. Currently our classes are open to 8 parent and baby pairs. This may be adjusted down if there are more additional caregivers joining a class.

How do I book into the Infant Massage Group Program?

You can book online by clicking here. Once you are booked, you will receive a confirmation of your booking into the first class. A further email will be sent prior to class commencement with an invoice for payment, enrolment form, including relevant health information requested and further information to prepare you to join the program. Payment for your program is due 7 days prior to program commencement and can be paid by Credit Card online or via bank transfer.

For more information and booking, head to our Infant Massage Page or Contact Us