Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage is a specially designed Remedial Massage Treatment where we aim to address pain and discomfort following pregnancy. Your body has been through many changes over the 9 months of pregnancy to grow your baby. But in an instant your body changes to no longer being pregnant. Your body needs to adjust from carrying your baby in your belly to carrying them your arms.

No matter how you delivered your baby, the shift is immense. Throw in hormones, altered sleep patterns, sleep deprivation, other children and responsibilities, your body needs some care and consideration.

Post Natal Massage helps:

  • Your body adjust to life after pregnancy
  • Improve movement and address pain following childbirth
  • Address pain from carrying, feeding and awkward sleep positions.
  • Assist in recovery from c-section with scar massage and to reduce swelling.
  • Improve breathing, core muscle coordination and pelvic floor health
  • Get you ready to return to exercise or everyday life.

Give yourself the time to heal from childbirth and address areas of pain following pregnancy with Post Natal Massage. You now have someone completely dependent on you, so let us provide you with the nurturing touch you need to thrive in your new role as Mum.

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Supportive Treatment Space

We know exactly how to support your post natal body in the safest, most comfortable positions. We can provide pillows to help support your breasts to lay face down if they are tender from breastfeeding. We will also recommend positions during c-section recovery and to support any pelvic or hip pain.

We have space for your little ones and provide playmats, toys and even baby rockers to keep them busy while you relax.

Nurturing Community

Our Evolution Health Mums Group is an online forum where you can interact with other mums, ask questions, calm any fears surrounding pregnancy and post natal recovery, as well as read up on key information related to pregnancy and the post natal period.

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Private Health Fund Claiming

Post Natal Massage is a form of Remedial Massage when you present with a specific pain or injury to address. Our clinic offers HICAPS for on the spot claiming. Contact your health fund to determine if Remedial Massage is covered and your level of cover.

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What Customers are Saying

This pregnancy is so different to my first. Worse pains in pelvic/tailbone area plus sciatica arrived early this time.. I had a massage with Rebecca yesterday to relieve some of these pains I’ve been suffering with for way too long! (work 30+ hrs on my feet each week, constantly moving, plus chase around a toddler!). Whilst pains are still present today it was such a relief and will be back for more leading up to bubs arrival.

Jenni Eaton

LOVED my pregnancy massages!!!! So comfortable and relaxing!

Carli Desborough - Clark

OMG I just had my first pregnancy massage from Melissa and OMG isn’t she amazing. I was nervous and she made me feel so comfy and calm, I walked out of there with hardly any pain I will def be going back.

Nicole Karaitiana