Pregnancy & Post Natal Fitness

Exercise during pregnancy is safe and we can show you how to move with confidence for all stages. Our approach to pregnancy and post natal fitness is to encourage, guide and support you to achieve your health and fitness goals.  We can get you started with an exercise program even if you are a beginner and have not exercised prior to pregnancy.

Our coaching programs not only cover suitable movement for you, but also covers pelvic floor health, mental health, nutrition and rest to create a program that considers all areas of your pregnancy and post natal recovery.

Benefits of Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise:

  • Prevent pain by improving strength throughout your changing body.
  • Feel strong and full of energy to keep up with work, life and the kids.
  • Stabilises blood sugars and assists in managing Gestational Diabetes
  • Prepares your body for labour, childbirth and your recovery.
  • An outlet for stress and anxiety of impending motherhood or life with baby.
  • Improves pelvic floor strength and coordination to prevent leaking during activity.

Explore safe, effective movement during and after pregnancy to help you embrace your changing body so you can live life with strength and confidence.

Evolution Health Services | Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise | Campbelltown NSW

Kid Friendly Workout Space

We have space for your little ones and provide playmats, toys and even baby rockers to keep them busy while you workout.

We choose our workouts to ensure their safety in the space and keep the door closed so they can’t escape. If they need some attention, we can take breaks or integrate them safely into the workout so you can continue.

As the kids get older they may like to join you for some of the workout so we can accommodate them while you set a positive example for them.

Nurturing Community

Our Evolution Health Mums Group is an online forum where you can interact with other mums, ask questions, calm any fears surrounding pregnancy and post natal recovery, as well as read up on key information related to pregnancy and the post natal period.

Evolution Health Services | Free Facebook Community | Evolution Health Mums Group

Train Alone or With Your Friends

We know that exercise can be more fun as a group so grab some girls, or let us help you create a group, to motivate you in your workouts.

Package options available:

  • Individual Sessions
  • Couple Sessions
  • Small Group Sessions

Contact Us for Health and Fitness Coaching Packages for your needs.

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